Although Travis Hasse Distilling products on the store shelves aren’t produced in my home kitchen, the same wholesome ingredients are produced and bottled in our state of the art facility in Pewaukee Wisconsin. Various types of apples along with spices and cinnamon blended with the finest neutral grain spirit come together to produce the aromatic nose and heady flavor of Travis Hasse Original Apple Pie Liqueur.

Travis Hasse Original Cherry Pie Liqueur gets its rich, mouthwatering, cherry-pie-filling flavor from the marriage of maraschino cherries, a hint of vanilla and neutral grain spirits.

Nestled 25 miles from the Missouri Tavern in the glacial hills of South Central Wisconsin farm country is the Baraboo Candy Company. Baraboo Candy has been producing chocolate goodness since 1981 and is recognized world-wide as home of Homer Holstein's Original Cow Pie Chocolate. I have alway been a great fan of their Cow Pie Chocolates and thought a blend of Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, and Neutral Grain Spirit would be a wonderful marriage for a liqueur. Through the inspiration of Baraboo Candy Company I created Travis Hasse Original Cow Pie Liqueur which we produce and bottle in Pewaukee Wisconsin. Please check out Baraboo Candy to order one of Wisconsin's historic brands.

I still spend time in my home kitchen, experimenting and tinkering and making my wife crazy with new creations. Will there be other great new brands on the menu soon? Who knows!

Do you have a cool unique flavor idea? Send it on to me. I’d love to hear from you. Contact Travis Hasse here.

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