Welcome to the virtual home of Travis Hasse Distilling Co. and the historic Missouri Tavern. The Missouri Tavern, home of Travis Hasse Distilling Co, is located in the town of Springfield just outside Madison, Wisconsin. The people around here are warm, friendly, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

One thing the Missouri Tavern is famous for is an alcohol beverage called Travis Hasse Apple Pie Liqueur. My father, Gene Hasse, gave me his homemade recipe for Apple Pie that he used to make for holiday traditions. I continued my father's tradition and started making and serving Hasse Apple Pie to patrons at the Missouri Tavern. I received so many requests from people wanting to buy a bottle that I decided to share my family’s homemade recipe with everyone. It took me a while to figure it all out, but finally I launched Travis Hasse Original Apple Pie Liqueur in September of 2008.

Currently, it is available in select markets throughout the United States with more opening every day. With the success of Hasse Apple Pie Liqueur and requests for additional flavors, for my one year anniversary I launched a sister brand, Travis Hasse Original Cherry Pie Liqueur. Since then, I've also added a new flavor called Cow Pie Liqueur which is produced to mimic the famous Cow Pie Candy which is produced by Baraboo Candy Company in Wisconsin.

So welcome to DrinkPie.com. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and come back often to visit.



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