In 2006, my wife Carly and I purchased the Missouri Tavern. Now the Missouri Tavern is not just any old tavern, it’s a place that encompasses Wisconsin's values—the good ol’ American work ethic and the joy of time spent with friends and family. The Missouri Tavern was built in 1940 by Albert “Missouri Al” Mefford and his wife, Mae. The Tavern acted as their home, convenience store, gas station and tavern for 65 years. Noted for the large elm tree located out front, the Missouri Tavern is most famous for the legendary Mae Mefford. After “Missouri Al” died in 1964, Mae ran the Tavern by herself. She was the sole owner, operator, and bartender until the age of 101. Mae’s gentle heart touched anyone who came for a visit. Long-time patrons fondly recall Mae playing “On Wisconsin” or “Meet Me in St. Louis” on the piano. The “no profanity” policy that she strictly enforced still brings a smile to everyone’s face.

If you step into the Missouri Tavern today, very little has changed since Mae’s time. Beers sold in mason jars, an old time piano, and original old wood floors and mahogany bar still hold their character from 1940. We still warmly welcome our friends and neighbors but the “no profanity” policy has seemed to fall by the wayside.

Again welcome to I hope you'll enjoy your stay and come back often to visit. And if you're ever in the vicinity of Madison Wisconsin, stop by the Missouri Tavern to share your stories. There will always be someone there to listen!




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